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The name 'Tai Chi Chuan' literally translates to 'Supreme Ultimate Fist'. Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art developed in ancient China for self defense following Taoist principles. The movements are concerned with defense and attack but are done in a slow, soft, flowing style in order to promote awareness of the mind / body interaction. In this way Tai Chi Chuan becomes a moving meditation and in so doing provides health through calmness of mind. The movements or hand form, most commonly associated with Tai Chi Chuan, are just one fifth of the total Tai Chi discipline or journey. The other parts include push hands, weapons forms, self defense and nei kung (internal chi kung). The true essence of Tai Chi Chuan is revealed by undertaking all of these five parts but one only need go as far as they wish on this journey. We offer all of these aspects of the discipline.


We practice Wu style Tai Chi Chuan following the Cheng Tin Hung method. This is sometimes referred to as the Wutan style of Tai Chi. This style of Tai Chi is practised world wide. There is a very useful book outlining the background to this style along with a sequence of photos showing the square form (Wutan Tai Chi Chuan by Cheng Tin Hung and Dan Docherty). There are also many videos on YouTube of Wutan Tai Chi including some of Cheng Tin Hung himself practising the form.

We are guided by Sifu John Yuen of Blackburn Tai Chi, Melbourne. Blackburn Tai Chi has been operating for 40 years and is one of the longest running Tai Chi clubs in Australia. Sifu Yuen was a disciple of Master Cheng Tin Hung who was a fourth generation direct lineage Wu style Tai Chi Chuan practitioner. Sifu Yuen visits our Cairns club regularly and offers gradings for those interested. Cairns students are also very welcome to visit and train at Blackburn Tai Chi in Melbourne.

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