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The Tai Chi hand form is in two parts. The first part for beginners is called the square form and here we learn the basic elements of the form such as weight transfer, hand and feet positions and body movements. The second part known as the round form is for more advanced students. This is essentially the same as the square form but with the movements undertaken in a more circular, smooth, flowing fashion.

Weapons forms such as the walking stick, sabre, pole and sword forms are taught in the advanced classes.

Push hands, which is at the heart of Tai Chi, is introduced at the beginner level and then practiced more extensively at the advanced level. Tai Chi is not Tai Chi without push hands. This is where the student really learns about Tai Chi. It has been said that the hand form is equivalent to the table of contents of the book of Tai Chi whereas push hands is the content of that book.

Beginners Tai Chi - there are no beginners classes running at present

Advanced Tai Chi - Wednesdays 6pm Machans Beach Hall, Tucker St, Machans Beach

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